First who we are not, we are clearly not the ones who promise "get-happy-quick", we don't believe in giving unrealistic promise.

We are a collective of highly qualified professionals in the field of behavioral sciences, clinical psychology, management and technology. Our leadership team comprises of Doctorates in Psychology, Behavioral Sciences and IIM Alumni.

We are passionate about "emotional self" being given equal, if not more importance than our physical self. It is our strong belief that technology enabled coaching / therapy, makes it possible for the recipient to remain anonymous and thus removes the stigma generally attached to getting therapy. Further, technology led interventions provides a much needed continuity in coaching thus making the whole process much more effective

Our Promoters and board of advisors are highly acclaimed practioners in the field of Psychology, Psychotherapy and students of ancient spiritual truths.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team comprises of Psychologists, Behavioural Scientists, Medical Doctors and IIM Alumni.

Vennie Jendresen

Mr. Rohit Sehgal

Dr. Anubhuti Sehgal

Dr. Anubhuti Sehgal

Dr. K.K

Dr. Kamal Khurana

Dr. I.B

Dr. Vijay Srivastava